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Merits and Demerits of Keto Diet.

Keto is a diet that is taken for specifically burning excess fat and in the body. Excess fat is burned drastically when doing keto diet. The body fights carbohydrates and lowers it to the minimum. Keto diet is controlling of excess fat which allows protein to increase and thus lowering of carbohydrates. This diet was meant for epileptic people. Health experts say by controlling the fats in an epilepsy person will help in maintaining the right weight in age and height.

By doing keto the epileptic person will give the body enough protein which will fight the sickness and help in the person’s healthy growth. There are demerits and merits of keto and it is essential to do research before indulging yourself into it. Clinically the diet helps in balancing of the brain and stabilizes its functioning perfectly. More so the diet is good for people who have blood pressure since it neutralizes the glucose. Blood pressure may be dangerous if not controlled but with keto this is so easy and fast.
surprisingly by doing keto some women get pregnant. Some women who experience hormonal imbalance, health experts say it has enabled most women to conceive yes keto is like a miracle it does really work good for hormones. Due to hormonal imbalance many women tend to be overweight which leads to abnormality of hormonal balancing. Keto has been of advantage to such conditions it has helped women in getting pregnant. Obssession can be a dangerous condition as well and with keto diet many have been so obsessed when the start.

Many have reached a point of wanting to lose more and more weight which is very dangerous healthwise. Our bodies have limits when taking this diets but it is shocking a big percentage of people get obsessed while undergoing through the exercise and wouldn’t stop. And for this reason experts keep urging people to look for other options of losing weight. Medical supervision is advisable while undergoing the keto diet. Keto drains one’s body and fatigue is experienced which is very unhealthy to anyone.

It is alarming how this diet turns out to be an addiction, no matter how weak the body becomes the person on keto wouldn’t just stop. Some people end up being admitted to hospital after a prolonged keto diet. Dieting is good but if not controlled it may end up killing. Never overdo keto diet, it can give you more fatigue and should therefore be strictly short term. Once you engage yourself into keto you will start to lose muscle and may end up not losing weight at all.

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