Before Moving Into Military Housing

Before Moving into Military Housing

To find a Military Homes has never easier. As the demand of property is increasing day by day in Virginia location, more and more military families are moving in the state. Virginia is probably the best location to buy a military home for sale or rent as number of base camps are located here. Military families have to relocate to different location depending upon where the person is being stationed. This makes military lifestyle very different from that of common people. When a military men’s service station changes then the family have to move along too. Therefore, people are always looking for the military houses for sale or rent.

If you are a soldier, airman, or sailor posted in Virginia and currently looking Homes for Sale or rent in Virginia, then don’t panic because we can help you find number of properties that suits your needs and lifestyle.

The government will buy you a military home in Virginia:

1. The VA Loan Program gives you a no down payment mortgage. (100% loan).

(a) No mortgage insurance.

(b) VA interest rates are competitive and many times it is lower than conventional loans with 20% down).

2. The interest on your mortgage payment is tax deductible. You get a double tax benefit on your BAH.

3. If you rent you get no tax benefit and you pay someone else’s mortgage for them.

4. If you take military base housing you are just giving back one the biggest benefits your military service has earned you: Home Ownership and saying no thank you.

You can build wealth while in the military:

1. Prices in Virginia appreciate over time.

(a) In 1985 the median priced single military family home on washington was: $158,000.

(b) In June of 2014 the median priced home was: $700,000.

(c) Over the short term they can and do go up and down. Like you hear on the radio ads, past performance is no guaranty of future performance. Although it is the best indicator.

The military member may find it difficult to separate work from home:

One of the reasons many of us choose to live in the community is to create some distance from the service member’s job. While you’re never really “off the clock,” the further you live from base, the greater the illusion. You also won’t have a commute to unwind and decompress after a long work day.