Brivia Recently Received the Award of Excellence

There are many business awards that can be given to entrepreneurs and investors. When individuals go above and beyond the call of duty, working to make changes that benefit the community, awards are well-deserved. Recent headlines showed CCBC awards Kheng Ly and it was an amazing honor. With this information, individuals will learn more about this award and why it was so fitting for Kheng Ly and his company.

What Is the CCBC Award?

The Canada China Business Council awarded Kheng Ly and his company, Brivia, for being instrumental in helping the growth and expansion of business relationships between Canada and China. This recognition came from the project his company worked on for YUL Condominiums. This project is being erected in downtown Montreal, Canada. This is one of the largest housing projects that is being worked on and it is gaining attention worldwide.

Mr. Ly was extremely honored by the award and it holds it in high esteem. This award is one that means so much to the Brivia team because they have worked tirelessly to ensure each of the products they work on are carried out in a transparent manner that benefits everyone involved.

Learn About Kheng Ly

Kheng Ly is a businessman who is the founder of Brivia. His company focuses on real estate investment and development. Kheng Ly has always been an honest and hard-working individual who refused to ever give up on his dreams. When he was in his home country of Cambodia, he started a business selling cigarettes at an early age.

When he had to flee his country with his family, for safety, he sought refuge in Canada and was able to enter the country at the age of seventeen. Once in Canada, he immediately went to work on gaining a job to help his family. As time went on, he realized there was a much greater opportunity for him in real estate so he set out to start his career.

There is no one more deserving of this prestigious CBCC award than Kheng Ly. He and his company are thrilled over the honor and looking forward to the years ahead.

Tips For Saving Money On HP Printer Ink

When people buy printers for their home or business computers, they rarely consider the cost of replacing ink cartridges. Over time, the cost of buying ink can well exceed the cost of the printer itself. The following are a few tips for saving money on printer ink.

Use Ink More Conservatively

One way to save money on printer ink is simply to use less of it so that it doesn’t have to be replaced so often. For example, printing on the lowest-quality setting can save quite a bit of ink. When printing from a web site, make sure to select the printer-friendly option or use an app to strip out images and formatting. In addition, certain fonts use less ink than others. Arial, for example, uses significantly more ink than Times New Roman or Calibri, two other popular fonts. One more tip for conserving ink is to leave the printer on all the time, thus preventing it from going through its maintenance cycle.

Use Third-Party Ink

It can be cheaper to purchase a third party’s product rather than the printer manufacturer’s ink. These companies typically use recycled and refilled ink cartridges, which are much cheaper for the consumer and better for the environment as well. Third-party manufacturers can be a great source for cheap printer ink, but not all of them offer the same level of quality. For best results, look for companies that re-manufacture cartridges according to OEM standards and provide a guarantee of quality.

Use An Ink-Delivery Service

Some printers offer a delivery service based on the customer’s usage. With this type of subscription service, usage is tracked by the printer and new ink is delivered when needed. Customers typically pay a monthly subscription fee, and they can choose a plan according to the number of pages they print per month. This method can yield a savings of up to 50%, compared with purchasing ink cartridges from a retailer.

By learning more efficient printing habits and ordering supplies online, customers can get more use out of their printers as well as saving their own time and money. Visit this site to learn more about saving money on HP printer ink.

4 Tips for Last-Minute Planning With a Moving Company

In an ideal world, everyone would have enough time to prepare to relocate. Moving is a complex process that’s full of individual details and tasks, and in most cases, it takes at least a week or two to do it right. However, the real world doesn’t always give families that much time, making a last-minute move necessary. Below are a few tips to get ready for the moving company on short notice.

Focus on Logistics

Last-minute moves have a way of making all tasks seem immediately necessary and impossible to accomplish. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed, but instead of freezing up, take a few deep breaths and start crossing tasks off the to-do list. The first step is to rent a truck or hire professional movers; the sooner the logistics are sorted, the sooner the family can start working on the rest of the move.

Cut the Clutter

The less there is to pack, the easier it will be. And, with last-minute moves, ease is crucial. Go through every closet, cabinet, and room, pulling out items that are no longer needed. Separate them into piles for donation, disposal, and recycling. Moving is an ideal time to cut the clutter, and last-minute relocations give families more motivation to pack lightly.

Put Together a Bag of Basics

Before packing begins, set aside a small bag and fill it with the basics. This includes important documents, medicines, phone chargers, toiletries, and a few changes of clothes. While this is an important step even if the move isn’t hurried, it’s particularly vital in these cases.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Pros

One of the best benefits of working with professional movers is the help they can provide at the last minute. If the movers are coming, it’s okay to save a few tasks until the end, but it may cost more in terms of labor and packing materials. With hurried moves, though, sometimes that’s the right way to go.

Moving is an arduous process regardless of how much time the family has. If the move has to be completed in a hurry, focus on the entire picture and work on getting the family’s belongings to the destination safely.

Click Here to Learn More About Scent Diffusers

Scent diffusers are commonly used in office buildings and workplaces to create an aroma in the air. Many people also use diffusers in their homes because they like to smell different scents throughout the year. There are a few tips listed below to determine what type of diffuser a person may need.

What Type of Space is Being Scented?

Small spaces can often get by with a compact cube mounted to the wall which produces a scent throughout a small room. If a person is wanting a larger space to be scented, they will need a larger, more heavy duty diffuser to help with the aroma. There are also more commercial scent diffusers to be attached to HVAC units. These are the most consistent of all diffusers because they are distributed evenly throughout the air as it is being pushed into the rooms.

How Often Will the Scent be Changed?

Some scent diffusers hold the scented oil much longer than others. This is because of the amount of aroma that may be released each time. Most diffusers are set up to only release a small amount of scent at a time. This helps to preserve the life of the oil and make it last longer. Although the scented oil has a long lifespan, most people like to change the scents on a regular basis to enhance the mood in the room.

How Important is Air Quality?

Air quality is important in most homes and businesses. If there is a lot of fresh air coming into a place from outside, the type of diffuser may not be as important. A cold-air nebulizing diffuser provides the best air quality in spaces. This is because it will diffuse the scent without messing up the chemicals in the oil. These types of diffusers also work well in compact spaces because they do not leave residue behind.

Scent diffusers range in cost from $20-$1000 or more. The cost depends mainly on the quality of the diffuser and what a person is trying to accomplish with it. For more information or to see different types of diffusers, click here.

Why Homeowners Are Choosing Metal Roofs

Many homeowners now opt to install metal roofs instead of choosing traditional materials like asphalt. Manufacturers offer a wide range of beautiful metal roof panels and shingles that increase curb appeal. Contractors like Erie can install metal roofing systems that require little care to retain their looks for decades. It is also simple for homeowners to match metal roofing materials on future home additions.

It Is Easy to Add Metal Roofing to New Additions

Clients often choose metal when they want finished roofs to have an elegant look that is easily matched on home additions. Most roofing material manufacturers continually change colors and styles. Unfortunately, that becomes a problem when customers alter or add to homes and need to match original roofs. The makers of metal roofing materials are far more consistent, making it simple for customers to order new roofing in the same color and style they originally installed. Since metals maintain their beauty for decades, new materials also blend in with older roofs.

Homeowners Can Adapt Metal to any Design

Modern residential metal roofing materials are usually created in shingle groups or panels. Suppliers offer them in styles that replicate the appearance of natural materials like wood. For instance, clients can choose metals that replicate wood or dimensional shake roofs. There are metals that mimic Spanish tiles and have an old-world clay look. Homeowners may opt for shingles that appear to be rusted steel but are actually durable and weather resistant. Each style is available in a variety of decorator colors. Many materials can also be used on the sides of houses or other buildings, to create seamless themes.

Metal Roofs Reduce Maintenance

Durable metal roofing requires little care to retain its good looks. Roofs are entirely unaffected by the fungus and moss that can grow on asphalt or wood. Metal is also pest-proof. Raccoons, wild animals, rodents, and insects will not harm it. Roofing systems are fire resistant, making them ideal for areas affected by wildfires. Roofs not only stand up to harsh weather but help melt snow and ice as the roof’s surfaces warm in the sun.

Metal roofing materials are available in colors and styles to match any decorating theme. They are durable and require little maintenance to remain sound and beautiful. Since manufacturers do not usually change materials often, it is easy for owners to find matching metal panels when modifying their homes.

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Critical Aspects to Put into Consideration When Looking for a Credible Painting Contractor

Ideally, painting service providers come to the mind of individuals when the project of building a new home or remodeling an old one is about to complete. The purpose of painting a building is to is to enhance its general appearance. Painting a building not only enhance your general building look but also contribute to other benefits. Among these benefits include health purposes because painting promotes quality and healthy indoor air, cheap renovation, wall protection from the weather and also adds value to your home. Protection of the walls from bad weather, cheap remodeling, addition of home value and promotion of quality and healthy indoor air are some of the profits of painting a building. Hence, finding dependable painting contractor is the best idea you can make when you require painting services. Here are some of the ultimate guides on how to look for a painting contractor that is credible.

When finding the right painting contractor, you ought to put into consideration his experience in the painting business. A painting contractor that has provided services not less than two years is the right person you need to put into consideration. Choosing a contractor that has an experience of not less than two years is an advantage because you are assured that his services are excellent since it is not more comfortable for a contractor that is poor in the painting services to be at work because of the bad reputation. It is also an advantage to request the painting contractor to help you see some of the painting work they have done before to see the quality and state of such building before you hire one.

It is essential to know whether the contractor has been issued with a permit by the authorities. It is advisable to also find out if he has workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance. It is necessary that a reputable painting firm be in possession of all the required permits and insurance covers. These are to protect themselves as well as their clients. You can ask for references from the contractor. You need to know to form them the variety of services you should expect from the painter. They are also required to stand in for them if need arises.

By having a conversation with the contractor it becomes easy for you to gauge how experienced he is. A good painting contractor is supposed to suggest to you on the types of materials that are the best for you. It is expected of the painting experts to always be updated when new techniques come up as well as technologies. When trying to find the adequate colors and finish for your home, the painting expert is required to assist you from his wide range of skills.

It is prudent to know if the contractor offers a warranty on the job he does. You are also supposed to insist that you have the guarantee in writing to have a physical proof if need arises. Also the right painting expert is required to be affordable.

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Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Medical Equipment Supplier

Equipping your hospital, clinic or lab is very overwhelming sometimes especially if you are a beginner. A lot of people opt to buy these equipment considering the leading brands which is not a good idea. When buying these medical equipment make sure you are keen eye so that you take the best equipment home. Items of high quality are the best because they give correct and accurate results.

The internet can be very helpful for you to choose the best medical equipment. Your colleagues can be of great help so ask if they can refer you to any of the suppliers. To know how good a supplier is you can check his or her ratings and reviews. Below are some of the main things to look at before you buy medical equipment from a certain supplier.

A very important thing to look at is the product inventory. A good supplier must have various equipment in their warehouses so that the customer can choose among all of them the one they want and make a good decision. Due to the development and advancement of technology and the medical industry, there are new trends in the market every day and a good supplier should make all trends available in their shop. There are very many suppliers who know all the deals in the medical industry and get the opportunity of partnering with manufacturers so as to make all equipment available in their stores. An easy way to know the equipment available in a certain warehouse is to look at their website or ask for brochures. The importance of variety of equipment is to help buyers have different choices and get the best.

Make sure you look at the equipment quality level before purchasing it. A good supplier should have high performance equipment that will serve you for a long period of time. Quality is key in the medical world and that is why you need to search for a good supplier with the best results. If you are a beginner and do not have the knowledge to determine the quality of an object you can always ask for help from experts. If you are careful you can look how the object has been build and tell its quality. Suppliers with good quality equipment will issue full warranties and ISO certification on the equipment.

A good supplier should have after sale services. These services attract many customers and they include maintenance, repair and fixation. The suppliers need to show concern to their clients, Some machines that are not well repaired or maintenance can make you lose your customers and that means that it is money lost.

Getting Creative With Supplies Advice

Getting Creative With Supplies Advice

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Reasons for Picking Outpatient Drug Treatment

Among the real issues affecting people today is the drug and substance abuse. It is notable that there are people who would love to get back to their sober life after being victims of addiction. If you or loved one has been in this abyss of drug addiction, it is clear that you would be looking forward to getting the best drug treatment center where your needs will be addressed, and you get your life back. Among the things that you should be focused on doing is making sure that you devote your time and energy finding the best drug treatment center since the availability of several centers makes this a tedious process. You ought to understand that there are many drug treatment centers willing to address your need, and you will have to make a decision on the best one for your needs.

Since there are many drug therapy centers all over, then it is a high time to make sure that you pick the best. You should learn that there are several drug rehab options that you should choose from for your recovery. One of the things that you will be required to do is choosing the best rehab treatment option since there are several. Once you have visited this drug rehab centers, and you are assured that you will be subjected to various drug treatment options either inpatient, outpatient.

There are numerous benefits tied to drug rehab options that you choose to address your needs. In this century, you ought to note that outpatient drug treatment has been one of the things that have gained popularity today. It is crucial that you keep reading to get some of the benefits that are tied to this outpatient drug treatment option. If you are the one who supports your family, then you are assured that you will be able to keep supporting the family once you have joined an outpatient drug treatment option. You will enjoy flexibility once you have made up your mind that you want an outpatient treatment option.

There will be a lot of help from your friends and family once you have chosen this outpatient treatment. You must note that impatient drug rehab is the biggest mistake that you will make since these will threaten your recovery since there is a lot of isolation and this will hinder your recovery. Once you have made up your mind that you need this outpatient drug treatment option, then it is a high time to learn that you will enjoy your privacy as opposed to joining this inpatient drug treatment option, you are assured that you will be able to live a knowing that people are not aware of your journey to addiction recovery.

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Benefits Of Forklift Certification Classes

Forklifts are among the most common industrial vehicles that are used in so many activities in day to day industrial operations. Over the last few years, mechanization and industrialization are some of the trends that have greatly increased and thus leading to an increased number of the forklifts and thus making them a regular part of our day to day activities in the society. Forklifts operations are some of the top things that require a lot of attention as their popularity in our day to day activities does not mean that the ability to operate them safely is mainstream.

There have been cases where poor operations of the forklifts have led to very fatal accidents which have caused serious injuries and at times deaths of the operators. Forklift certification classes have been of great help to many people by helping to increase their knowledge and skills for operating the forklifts and thus minimizing the many accidents that may come as a result of poor operations of these machines.

Forklift certification classes are very important to any person intending to become a forklift operator and thus the reason why employers in various industries are advised to hire operators who have fully undergone through forklift certification processes.

There are some of the many ways through which forklift certification classes can be of help. Here are some of the many benefits that come with the forklift certification processes.

Forklift certification classes are very important as they greatly promote cost efficiency and thus leading to money saving. Poor operation of the forklifts can lead to a lot of accidents which will obviously result to injuries that at the end of the day will cost you a lot of money in catering for the medical bills and thus the reason why forklift certification classes are very important.

Forklift certification classes are very important in enhancing the right workplace safety. Forklift certification classes are very great as they help to equip the trainees with the right training, knowledge and skills for operating a forklift in a safe manner when in work. The other reason why the forklift certification classes are very great is because they help to increase productivity in the workplace and thus resulting to higher returns on investment. Forklift certification classes are also very great as they help to ensure that the rates at which the machines are damaged are also reduced.

When the forklifts are in good condition, little maintenance is required thus lowering the maintenance costs and no repair is needed something that saves the organization from incurring these costs. The other reason why the forklift certification classes are very great is because they minimize the insurance costs. A forklift operator who has been through a forklift certification class will have high working morale and less stress in work.

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Guidelines for Choosing a Dentist in Edinburgh

Choosing a dentist is not an easy thing as many might think. This is because one has to look at several factors before you locate a dentist who will offer you the kind of services that you want. You cannot ignore when you are having the dental problem. They are important parts of the body that highly contribute to human beauty. This is the main reason you should make sure that your teeth are well maintained.

Edinburgh is a city with several dentists located there. It is because most people have undergone through the training and acquired the expertise that is needed for them to handle the dental formula of human being. This will bring a lot of confusion to you whenever you are picking someone to handle you. It is important for one to be careful when doing the selection at any time. You will have to spend some time to avoid choosing one who will not offer you the best services as expected.

Below are some of the things that one should consider before hiring any dentist in Edinburgh.

Consider the location of the dentist. It would be good for anyone to hire a dentist who is located near them. This way, you will not have to travel for miles as you try to get some help from your dentist. The best dentist is the one who is located near you and can give you the best services when an emergency arises at any time.

Consider a dentist who offers the dental services all the time.
It is important to know the days when the dentist works and the hours he or she works especially when you have to be away working. Make sure you have the opportunity of visiting the dentist even when you are not working to get their services. One should avoid choosing a dentist who will not be here whenever you need him or her.
It is important to make sure that you are dealing with someone who has the full credentials. The best dentist is the one who has attained all the required certifications from the various bodies before he or she gets to offer people the dental services. When one has all the credentials, then it is clear that he or she has attained the necessary training and you can easily trust their services.

It is advisable for one to ask if the insurance they have can be accepted in a certain dental care unit. It feels good for one to have all the bills catered for after you have received any kind of treatment rather than having to pay for the bills. In case you find that the dental care unit does not accept the insurance payment, then you can also get some help from another dentist who will accept.

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