Brivia Recently Received the Award of Excellence

There are many business awards that can be given to entrepreneurs and investors. When individuals go above and beyond the call of duty, working to make changes that benefit the community, awards are well-deserved. Recent headlines showed CCBC awards Kheng Ly and it was an amazing honor. With this information, individuals will learn more about this award and why it was so fitting for Kheng Ly and his company.

What Is the CCBC Award?

The Canada China Business Council awarded Kheng Ly and his company, Brivia, for being instrumental in helping the growth and expansion of business relationships between Canada and China. This recognition came from the project his company worked on for YUL Condominiums. This project is being erected in downtown Montreal, Canada. This is one of the largest housing projects that is being worked on and it is gaining attention worldwide.

Mr. Ly was extremely honored by the award and it holds it in high esteem. This award is one that means so much to the Brivia team because they have worked tirelessly to ensure each of the products they work on are carried out in a transparent manner that benefits everyone involved.

Learn About Kheng Ly

Kheng Ly is a businessman who is the founder of Brivia. His company focuses on real estate investment and development. Kheng Ly has always been an honest and hard-working individual who refused to ever give up on his dreams. When he was in his home country of Cambodia, he started a business selling cigarettes at an early age.

When he had to flee his country with his family, for safety, he sought refuge in Canada and was able to enter the country at the age of seventeen. Once in Canada, he immediately went to work on gaining a job to help his family. As time went on, he realized there was a much greater opportunity for him in real estate so he set out to start his career.

There is no one more deserving of this prestigious CBCC award than Kheng Ly. He and his company are thrilled over the honor and looking forward to the years ahead.