How the 90-Year-Old Schooner Roseway Helps Children See Their Own Potential

Children always need inspiration if they are to put in the hard work to realize their potential and make their dreams come true. Unfortunately, some children end up in situations such that cramped horizons and pessimism take the place of the wonder and energy normally typical of childhood.

Fortunately, there are now many groups dedicated to ensuring that children who might not otherwise be given a deserved chance end up discovering how huge and welcoming the world can be. Nearly a century after first setting sail, for example, a beautiful oceangoing schooner called the Roseway is helping disadvantaged kids understand how much life has to offer. Thanks to sponsorship from generous individuals like Kirk Chewning of Cane Bay Partners, each trip exposes more young sailors to the beauty and wonder of the maritime world.

Children Get a Taste of Adventure, Responsibility, and Their Own Vast Potential

Growing up in an impoverished household and community can drag down the spirits of even the most bright-eyed young person. The crushing difficulties and setbacks that so often come with poverty can start to make life itself feel like a nearly impossible undertaking.

Even developing and maintaining a healthy appreciation for the value of hard work can be challenging when it seems as if endless effort must be put into merely staying alive. With so little upside before them, too many children who grow up in such circumstances fail to recognize the pathways out that are available to them.

One proven way to break through is to provide such kids with experiences that reveal how much more the world around them has in store. Being able to get away from the struggles of an impoverished community for even a few days can open the eyes of a child who might otherwise never have been given such a chance.

A Magical Voyage Aboard a Gorgeous Schooner

By putting children in the midst of an unforgettable experience which they actively help to shape, the group that owns and operates the Roseway has helped better the lives of many. Sponsors who cover the associated expenses ensure that children who might otherwise know very little other than unrelenting difficulty and stress get to experience something truly positive and inspiring.