Tips For Saving Money On HP Printer Ink

When people buy printers for their home or business computers, they rarely consider the cost of replacing ink cartridges. Over time, the cost of buying ink can well exceed the cost of the printer itself. The following are a few tips for saving money on printer ink.

Use Ink More Conservatively

One way to save money on printer ink is simply to use less of it so that it doesn’t have to be replaced so often. For example, printing on the lowest-quality setting can save quite a bit of ink. When printing from a web site, make sure to select the printer-friendly option or use an app to strip out images and formatting. In addition, certain fonts use less ink than others. Arial, for example, uses significantly more ink than Times New Roman or Calibri, two other popular fonts. One more tip for conserving ink is to leave the printer on all the time, thus preventing it from going through its maintenance cycle.

Use Third-Party Ink

It can be cheaper to purchase a third party’s product rather than the printer manufacturer’s ink. These companies typically use recycled and refilled ink cartridges, which are much cheaper for the consumer and better for the environment as well. Third-party manufacturers can be a great source for cheap printer ink, but not all of them offer the same level of quality. For best results, look for companies that re-manufacture cartridges according to OEM standards and provide a guarantee of quality.

Use An Ink-Delivery Service

Some printers offer a delivery service based on the customer’s usage. With this type of subscription service, usage is tracked by the printer and new ink is delivered when needed. Customers typically pay a monthly subscription fee, and they can choose a plan according to the number of pages they print per month. This method can yield a savings of up to 50%, compared with purchasing ink cartridges from a retailer.

By learning more efficient printing habits and ordering supplies online, customers can get more use out of their printers as well as saving their own time and money. Visit this site to learn more about saving money on HP printer ink.