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Scent diffusers are commonly used in office buildings and workplaces to create an aroma in the air. Many people also use diffusers in their homes because they like to smell different scents throughout the year. There are a few tips listed below to determine what type of diffuser a person may need.

What Type of Space is Being Scented?

Small spaces can often get by with a compact cube mounted to the wall which produces a scent throughout a small room. If a person is wanting a larger space to be scented, they will need a larger, more heavy duty diffuser to help with the aroma. There are also more commercial scent diffusers to be attached to HVAC units. These are the most consistent of all diffusers because they are distributed evenly throughout the air as it is being pushed into the rooms.

How Often Will the Scent be Changed?

Some scent diffusers hold the scented oil much longer than others. This is because of the amount of aroma that may be released each time. Most diffusers are set up to only release a small amount of scent at a time. This helps to preserve the life of the oil and make it last longer. Although the scented oil has a long lifespan, most people like to change the scents on a regular basis to enhance the mood in the room.

How Important is Air Quality?

Air quality is important in most homes and businesses. If there is a lot of fresh air coming into a place from outside, the type of diffuser may not be as important. A cold-air nebulizing diffuser provides the best air quality in spaces. This is because it will diffuse the scent without messing up the chemicals in the oil. These types of diffusers also work well in compact spaces because they do not leave residue behind.

Scent diffusers range in cost from $20-$1000 or more. The cost depends mainly on the quality of the diffuser and what a person is trying to accomplish with it. For more information or to see different types of diffusers, click here.