4 Tips for Last-Minute Planning With a Moving Company

In an ideal world, everyone would have enough time to prepare to relocate. Moving is a complex process that’s full of individual details and tasks, and in most cases, it takes at least a week or two to do it right. However, the real world doesn’t always give families that much time, making a last-minute move necessary. Below are a few tips to get ready for the moving company on short notice.

Focus on Logistics

Last-minute moves have a way of making all tasks seem immediately necessary and impossible to accomplish. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed, but instead of freezing up, take a few deep breaths and start crossing tasks off the to-do list. The first step is to rent a truck or hire professional movers; the sooner the logistics are sorted, the sooner the family can start working on the rest of the move.

Cut the Clutter

The less there is to pack, the easier it will be. And, with last-minute moves, ease is crucial. Go through every closet, cabinet, and room, pulling out items that are no longer needed. Separate them into piles for donation, disposal, and recycling. Moving is an ideal time to cut the clutter, and last-minute relocations give families more motivation to pack lightly.

Put Together a Bag of Basics

Before packing begins, set aside a small bag and fill it with the basics. This includes important documents, medicines, phone chargers, toiletries, and a few changes of clothes. While this is an important step even if the move isn’t hurried, it’s particularly vital in these cases.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Pros

One of the best benefits of working with professional movers is the help they can provide at the last minute. If the movers are coming, it’s okay to save a few tasks until the end, but it may cost more in terms of labor and packing materials. With hurried moves, though, sometimes that’s the right way to go.

Moving is an arduous process regardless of how much time the family has. If the move has to be completed in a hurry, focus on the entire picture and work on getting the family’s belongings to the destination safely.