Why Homeowners Are Choosing Metal Roofs

Many homeowners now opt to install metal roofs instead of choosing traditional materials like asphalt. Manufacturers offer a wide range of beautiful metal roof panels and shingles that increase curb appeal. Contractors like Erie can install metal roofing systems that require little care to retain their looks for decades. It is also simple for homeowners to match metal roofing materials on future home additions.

It Is Easy to Add Metal Roofing to New Additions

Clients often choose metal when they want finished roofs to have an elegant look that is easily matched on home additions. Most roofing material manufacturers continually change colors and styles. Unfortunately, that becomes a problem when customers alter or add to homes and need to match original roofs. The makers of metal roofing materials are far more consistent, making it simple for customers to order new roofing in the same color and style they originally installed. Since metals maintain their beauty for decades, new materials also blend in with older roofs.

Homeowners Can Adapt Metal to any Design

Modern residential metal roofing materials are usually created in shingle groups or panels. Suppliers offer them in styles that replicate the appearance of natural materials like wood. For instance, clients can choose metals that replicate wood or dimensional shake roofs. There are metals that mimic Spanish tiles and have an old-world clay look. Homeowners may opt for shingles that appear to be rusted steel but are actually durable and weather resistant. Each style is available in a variety of decorator colors. Many materials can also be used on the sides of houses or other buildings, to create seamless themes.

Metal Roofs Reduce Maintenance

Durable metal roofing requires little care to retain its good looks. Roofs are entirely unaffected by the fungus and moss that can grow on asphalt or wood. Metal is also pest-proof. Raccoons, wild animals, rodents, and insects will not harm it. Roofing systems are fire resistant, making them ideal for areas affected by wildfires. Roofs not only stand up to harsh weather but help melt snow and ice as the roof’s surfaces warm in the sun.

Metal roofing materials are available in colors and styles to match any decorating theme. They are durable and require little maintenance to remain sound and beautiful. Since manufacturers do not usually change materials often, it is easy for owners to find matching metal panels when modifying their homes.