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Benefits Acquired from Using 3D Printers

It would be wise to do if you are going to think on what are the best processes available and tools when you wanted to finish up a design when you plan on creating a prototype. The three main procedures for you to create prototypes would be with subtractive manufacturing, injection molding and additive manufacturing which is through 3D printing.

It is essential that you understand what are the difference of the three product development methods so you will be able to choose which technology is right for your project and for you to know whether 3D printing would be the best option to take.

The use of 3D printing technology however could give you different benefits. Some of such things are:

Production Process is Faster

When you have faster design and prototype production, you will get more time to iterate the prototype and be able to find product market that will fit well with you than competitors. Also, 3D printing production will only take several hours. Testing ideas and designs with the conventional manufacturing methods will only take days or weeks.

Easier Access

3D printing in fact had been present already for several decades but only took off recently back in 2010. With the introduction of 3D printing, it also opened the doors of easy to use software and hardware for consumers because there are more and more competition today. It is likewise easier for one to learn about such technology and you could use it immediately within a matter of days to your production cycle.

Comes with Better Quality

The traditional manufacturing methods could in fact result easily to poor designs, which is ends with poor quality of prototypes. But in 3D printing, this will be able to allow you to do a step-by-step assembly of your object that will give you guarantees on enhanced designs and leads to better quality of objects.

It is Cost-effective

The labor costs also plays a big role when it comes to knowing the amount of money that you will spend in developing prototypes. Through a traditional prototype method, there’s the need for you to include its production process and its injection mold and will become more costly due to the reason that you will need laborers who will do the job. The labor costs also are high with conventional subtractive manufacturing procedures. You will likewise need some experienced machine operators who will handle the production process. There’s also the need to pay the laborers and the need of using expensive machinery, which you could avoid with 3D printing because you will just use one person who will do the command.

Customization and Creative Designs

Through 3D printing, you will have more personalization as well, which actually is simpler for one to deal with the requests of customers. The only limitation would be with your imagination.

3D printing also can help you to make the concepts reality on a way that’s a lot faster.

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