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Fire Resistant Clothing Facts to Note

The number of people who are treated for burns in America each year are more then 400,000. Basically these burns are recorded due to multiple reasons but OSHA defines 10-45% of these burns to have occurred in workplaces. More than 40% of the people who die on a yearly basis as a result of burns are workplace victims. This means that employees working in places where there is arc flash and flash fire hazards are vulnerable to burns. Therefore, employers should ensure to train their employees and have them understand fire safety measures. In addition, the employers should avail their employees with fire resistant clothing. Through this article, you’ll get acquainted with the fundamental facts about fire resistant clothing.

First and foremost, you need to understand that fire resistant clothing is made with fabrics that will never ignite whatsoever. Through the FR clothing, the wearer manages to create a strong and unbreakable barrier against flames in cases of fire. The FR clothing is able to prevent unwanted or excessive heat from catching the wearer’s body. In the occurrence of fire, the FR clothing ensures to prevent the wearer from burns and from injuries that surface whenever there are flames or fire in the workplace. This is a fundamental way for ensuring that the wearer gets out of the flames or the fire safe.

Where the energy of a work station is more than 2 cal/cm2, OSHA demands that an employer should ensure to give the employee an FR clothing. This is a fundamental way for jettisoning the vulnerability of the employees when at the workplace. As a result, employers are able to dispense unwanted vulnerability for their employees when they are in their designated workstations. Therefore, an employer is obligated with the task of assessing the workplace and ensure that they provide FR clothing that will help keep employees safe.

There is no way a flame resistant clotyhing is sufficient when it doesn’t cover both the upper and lower or down parts of a Peron’s body. The material or the fabric used to make the clothing should never melt. This is a fundamental way for enhancing the safety of the wearer as the clothing will at no given time melt on their body. Apart from melting on the body, there is need to ensure that the fabric doesn’t catch fire or burn in case of flames. Therefore, there are certain materials like polyester, nylon and acetate that you must avoid by all means. The only exemptions that can be made is when the employer proves beyond reasonable doubt that the polyester, acetate or the nylon material is treated appropriately and is fire resistant.

In the marketplace, you will bump onto multiple clothing or rather FR work-wears and there is need to enhance and employ keenness. Therefore, info is required for these brands. At the same time, ensure to seek online referrals and testimonials concerning a certain brand.

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