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A Guide to Choosing the Right Metal Heat Treating Company

The process of metal heat treating can be utilized for a number of reasons. Basically, it deals with different metallurgic procedures with the likes of brazing stainless steel and stress relieving carbon steel. In order for you to make the most of this process, you should hire a metal heat treating company for what you have in mind. You will have a lot of choices is you must hire only the number one metal heat treating company out there. There are many things that you need to consider to find one including their skills and knowledge in doing the job as well as their customer service. To know what to look for in the metal heat treating company you hire, be sure to consider the following things.

In hiring a metal heat treating company, always check what they specialize in. Be sure that you go with a metal heat treating company that specializes in treating your kind of material. Though various materials will go through more or less the same processes, how each procedure will be done will depend on the kind of material to be processed. For instance, there will be differences in the treatment of carbon steel and that of stainless steel. Stainless steel treating requires the use of oxygen-free atmospheres that is controlled among special furnaces. On the other hand, when carbon steel is treated, the use of oxygen is necessary. So, before you sign up for any metal heat treating company, be sure that they can specialize in dealing with the kind of material that needs to be treated for you.

The turnaround time is another thing that you must take note of in choosing a metal heat treating company. This turnaround time will also depend on a lot of factors when it comes to these metal heat treating companies. These include the kind of equipment that they use, the expertise of the company in dealing with the process, and the first pass yield rate. On the first attempt of doing the process, the percentage of work that is completed satisfactorily is what you call the first pass yield rate. The type of work that must be done and its size will also affect the turnaround time. Nevertheless, the first set of factors just mentioned are the things that will tell you better which metal heat treating companies are worth hiring and which ones you should not. Usually, a company with a fast turnaround time is one that has more than 90 percent first pass yield rate, specialization in the method that must be performed, and having a continuous furnace. Always have these things thought about when you hire a metal heat treating company for your metallurgic needs. These are some of the things that you really should pay close attention to for the number one metal heat treating company that you choose.

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